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Just create great content focusing on your readers and let Irayo take care of the search engines!

Create Content

Focus on creating compelling content, without worrying what the SEO guy told you. Focus on the reader, not a search robot.


Today, it’s the search intent that drives the search results page. Irayo will optimise your content for your target user’s intended search query.

Improve Rankings

You only want your target persona to land on your content. So now sit back and keep a track of your relevant keywords’ rankings.

SEO of the Future

"Our content team doesn't have to spend any more time on doing keyword research or finding focus keywords. We can now quickly optimize pages for the right keywords based on content, search volumes, user intent and business requirement."
Suma E P CEO, Niswey
"Irayo is one screen highlighting all our SEO concerns and their solutions."
gagan sheroes
Gagan Mahajan Product Manager, SHEROES
"Extremely easy to use, but highly intelligent with what it does. As a content writer, all I have to do is feed my content, and intent, and 9 out of 10 times, I get a keyword that is exactly right for me. And the one time that it misses, I do get a couple of interesting options which help me search in the right direction. And the pleasing design doesn't hurt either."
Content Specialist Digital Marketing Company

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