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Developed by SEO professionals, Irayo helps you follow SEO best practices.

  Why Irayo?
  • Tracks multiple domains
  • Checks On-page & other SEO elements
  • Reduces time & effort
  • Understands “Intent”
  • Generates keywords easily
  Who uses Irayo?
  • SEO Beginners
  • Agencies
  • Content Marketers
  • Business Owners
  • Bloggers & Webmasters


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Full Website Auditing

Quickly analyzes your website and lists all the on-page SEO & a few off-page issues in one go.

Generate White Label Reports

Generate data-rich reports in PDF, CSV & Custom formats. Embed your own brand in the report and send it to your clients.

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SEO Optimization

Analyzes & Understands Content

Provide Intent as input and see how Irayo quickly analyzes & understands your content to suggest keywords. Helps you attract & reach the right target users in the right way.

Improve Focus Keywords

Only the keywords which can attract high traffic are suggested after Irayo automatically analyzes the content. Improve your SEO and grow organic traffic.

Track all Optimizations

Monitor all optimizations. Strategize in alignment with data & optimize content to rank ahead of your competition.

“Optimize your content in 3 simple steps”SEO optimization

Keyword Miner

Find all relevant keywords in 5min. Read how

Generate Geo-Targeted Keywords

Easily generates keywords for a specific country. Target right users with the right keywords.

Keyword Permutations & Combinations

Keyword Miner automatically finds high reach & relevant keywords by generating all possible combinations from a given set of Seed Keywords. Saves time & effort.

Export Keywords

Export all generated keywords & geographical traffic data in the CSV format and use it offline or for reporting to your clients.

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