Irayo is Feature Packed

Learn how to optimize your website and increase traffic in a few easy steps

Step 1: Let Irayo learn about your business

  1. Login to Irayo:
  2. Enter your website
  3. Define your business requirements, target market, your industry etc

Step 2: Optimise your web content for the target users’ search intent

  1. Click Optimize on the top
  2. Take any content page URL and enter in the ”Enter any URL of your website” box
  3. Select the user intent: “What do you want to achieve with this URL”. If you don’t know the intent – select “its a general post”
  4. Click “Find my focus keyword”

Step 3: Content Understanding + User Intent + Search Volume = Best Focus Keyword

    1. Next page will show you a set of words under the heading: “Which of these terms is most relevant to your content” Out of these words, click on the word/phrase that seems most relevant for you.
    2. After clicking on any word, you will see a list of keywords along with their monthly search volume on Google. Select the keyword that is most relevant (based on content and highest search volume).
    3. There will be a screen that will show URL Analysis. And a red or green (or mixed) line: depending on SEO score. No need to worry about the % /color right now.
    4. If you think the keyword is best: Press “Save this keyword” button.

Step 4: Irayo will guide you to perform the best on-page optimization

    1. You will be redirected to the Optimize page.
    2. You will see the list of URLs that you have checked in the dashboard. For the URL you just generated the focus keyword – next to it you will see a “Recheck” button.
    3. Click that. It will highlight all the places where your focus keyword should be included but is missing right now.
    4. Add the exact keyword in all the places: Title, Meta description, image alt tags, content etc. 

Step 5: Keep track of all the content that is optimized

When you have added the keyword everywhere, on the dashboard, against that URL, click Recheck

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