Congratulations! You have just converted a lead and now find yourself in the midst of a challenging project. Your job now is to keep the client SEO on track. But that’s easier said than done.

You have two different tasks at hand:

  • Ensuring all pages on the current site have their on-page optimization in place
  • Making sure each new piece of content being added is search-engine optimized.

I can see you smirking as you think “Is that all she thinks SEO involves? She hasn’t even mentioned off-page yet!”

I know, I know SEO is a hell lot more than on-page. But let’s just deal with this bit to begin with.

What’s the Problem With the Current Optimization Process?

So you’ve done your audit (if not, we can help you there) and now have a clear picture of the state of your client’s on-page SEO. But it’s a massive website with a lot of pages. Where do you begin?

Let’s say you begin with the products and/or services pages on the site. These two areas are of primary importance. Your customers will be looking for them, and these will draw primary traffic to the site.

For optimization, the first step is finding the right keyword, and here’s how you probably go about it:

  • Read the content
  • Analyze or understand the product/service and the pitch to the customer
  • Identify a couple of possible seed keywords
  • Cross reference keyword ideas and volumes in different tools

While cross-referencing the keywords you will check the keyword volume, keyword difficulty, and associated LSI keywords. This you will do using tools like Google keyword planner,  Ahrefs, LSI graph etc. After consulting all these different tools, you will have a focus keyword for a particular piece of content.

This ain’t your first rodeo and you are, of course, familiar with how to choose the right keyword. But have you ever thought how much time you are actually spending on this?

Let’s take an example to calculate the time:

Suppose a piece of content is around 800 words. Optimizing this page will involve:

Current time taken for finding Keyword

So the time spent on finding the perfect keyword is 23 mins for 1 page. Let’s just round it off to a nice 20 mins per page, shall we?

Suppose the website has a minimum of 8 pages, then total time is 20*8= 160 mins or 2 hours and 40 mins

And if your website has been around for quite some time, it will have more number of pages. And it will take proportionately more time to fix the on-page SEO. And after all this, if you end up choosing the wrong keyword, all that time was spent in vain.

How Can I Get This Done in 5 mins Flat?

An experienced analyst takes 60 to 100 hrs to build a comprehensive keyword universe for a content driven website. This is accepted wisdom in the SEO world. Like everything else in life, quality work comes only when you put in the time and effort.

To build a comprehensive keyword universe, you will start with optimizing the website content that’s available. You will start by looking for the seed keyword for each page, which will give you a greater number of related LSI keywords, which will make up your universe. But as we saw, the actual task of finding the right seed keywords is what takes the most time.

But if I told you there was a Keyword Planner alternative that could find the right keyword for your page in 5 mins flat, while also throwing up a list of related keywords and volumes, wouldn’t that be great?

And that is exactly what Irayo helps you do. You can optimize existing pages faster, and keep creating your list of related keywords in significantly lower time.

Irayo is a Keyword Planner alternative capable of going through the same steps that you do to find the right keyword, but does it in a fraction of the time you take. It works the same was as your brain, only faster.

So here’s how Irayo works:


How much time Keyword Planner alternative takes


Now we are taking just 4 mins and 37 seconds for 1 page. Let’s round that off to 5 mins, to find the right, intent-based keyword for your project.

So your basic 8-page website takes barely 8*5=40 mins to get to the right keywords. From 2 hrs 40 mins to just 40 mins is quite the reduction, don’t you think?

Can I Trust This Tool?

I can almost hear the cogs in your brain turning.

“Hmm…sounds good on paper, but how is it doing this so fast? Is it cutting corners or can I trust this new Keyword Planner alternative?”

The answer to how it’s doing this is: Natural Language Processing.

The natural… what now?

Natural Language Processing or NLP delves into the science of how machines can analyze, understand, and manipulate human language. Most machines treat text like a string of symbols, but NLP can break down text into words, phrases, and understand how they link together to form meaning. It is based on machine learning algorithms i.e. it learns its rules by analyzing sets of examples. This means that the more you use it, the smarter it gets.

In the context of finding the right keywords, here’s how NLP operates:

  • First:  Once you put in the URL or content, NLP will examine the query and break the whole content into smaller pieces.
  • Second:  It will tag the entities as nouns, verbs, adjectives etc.
  • Third:  It will identify keywords and cross-reference them against keywords that people are actually searching for online
  • Fourth: Throws up groups of relevant keywords along with their search volumes

So you see, there is no cutting corners here. Irayo is doing exactly what you would do, just faster.

What’s the Bottom Line?

The bottom line is that Irayo gives you:

Speed:  From 20  mins down to 5 mins, that’s a 75% cut back in time taken to find the right keyword. Time that can be spent on building an off-page optimization strategy. (Or savouring a donut!)

Accuracy:  You have a tool that’s looking at your content, and the intent, and then working through all possible keyword options and their volumes. There is no chance that you are missing a keyword variation, or not sure about the volumes. More importantly, Irayo fetches keyword volume from Google Adwords, so there is zero chance of error. So you have accurate information to make the right choice of focus keyword.

Beyond helping you find the right keyword for a page, Irayo can also:

  • audit your website SEO
  • find related keywords that will build your keyword universe

So if you are looking for keyword suggestion tool for finding the right keyword in the least possible time, you are on the right page.

But hey, don’t believe us. Just take a free trial and check out if it’s really as good as we say it is.

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