3x-Faster SEO Keyword Research

When you are trying to reach potential customers online, you definitely need to know which keywords to target, and in which markets. Your SEO keyword strategy is a carefully calibrated mix of the right intent-based keywords, their volumes in the markets you want to target, keyword difficulty, and associated LSI keywords.

However, before you can dive into finding all this information, you need to first find every possible search query combination that potential customers can type into Google. Then you need to know which of those have some sort of search volumes that you can work with. And in our years of experience, we have found this to be the most effort-intensive, and time-consuming part of the building a keyword strategy. That’s coupled with the times when relying on Google Keyword Planner for data can be misleading, as it can suppress the volume for certain keywords.

We decided to get around this issue with Irayo. Here’s what we achieved:

SEO keyword research made 3x faster


The Problem

One of our clients, a B2B technology firm, was navigating a shift in strategy, and expanding its services to new markets. They were also venturing into offering a new set of services for their enterprise clients.

They already had a robust SEO keyword strategy in place, that they wanted to modify to serve their new requirements. Here’s what they wanted from a new keyword strategy:

  • Figure out what exact search terms are being used to search for their current services, and their search volumes across target markets. This would give them an idea of what to concentrate on while building their content calendar.
  • Find out which search terms are being used to search for their proposed new services, and their search volumes across target countries. This would serve two purposes:
  1. Identify the services that have high search volumes, so they could concentrate on a narrow set offerings to prioritize for the next few months.
  2. Identify which countries have better search volumes for which specific services. This would help their sales team know which services to push in which geographies.

the goal was comprehensive SEO keyword research

The Usual Way

The usual way would have been to take the client’s services, and run them through the Google Keyword Planner. Here are a few things that we would have to do:

  • Run each service term through the Keyword Planner and get a list of possible search terms around that service.
  • Then we would have to think up a couple of different permutations and combinations with the service terms. For example: app development companies, or app development vendors, or iOS app development are possible combinations around the core term application development. We would have to run these these combinations through the Planner as well, to get other search terms in use.
  • Each of these searches would generate their own sheets which would then need to be collated to put together the data on one service.

This would have to be repeated for every service offering, for every target country.

More importantly, an SEO professional would have to be constantly on the job, thinking up and running every possible combination. And even then, you cannot be sure if you have got all the keyword combinations out there.

Time Spent: In our experience, given the number of services and target countries we were working with, this would have taken at least 9 hours of dedicated work to get the job done.

Time taken the usual way: 9 hours

The Irayo Way

So instead of going the usual way we used the Irayo Keyword Miner to carry out our keyword research. Here’s what we did:

  • We broke down each service into words or phrases.
  • We also identified a host of possible terms and phrases around each service, keeping in mind the “buy” search intent. This means we took care to include terms like companies, services, solutions which people would be typing in, if they were enterprises looking for those services.

Our breakdown looked something like this:

Service Providers


Why the columns, you ask? Just so we can think of all the different kind of phrases.

Once we had the phrases, we put them all into the Seed Keywords field, entered our countries of choice, and got things started.

Keyword Miner: Build SEO Keyword Strategy 3x faster

We received an estimate of the number of possible keyword combinations and the time it would take to populate a list with keywords and country-specific volumes.
Once we did this for all the services, we could get back to other important tasks while Keyword Miner did its job.

Soon, we had a complete list of all service-specific keywords combinations that were being searched, along with their global and country-specific volumes. For the countries not yet supported by Irayo, like Singapore or Germany, we simply uploaded the list of keywords on Keyword Planner to search for volumes.

Time Spent: The majority of time spent here was in breaking up the service into different phrases and adding all possible seed keywords. That would be 20 minutes at the most, for each service we were working with. Add to that the time taken to input everything into the tool, say another 20 minutes. And finally, another 40 mins at the most, to get all your lists in place. So overall:

Time taken with keyword Miner: 3 hours


There are some significant benefits that the Keyword Miner tool brought in:


Time Efficiency

From 9 hours down to 3 hours, that’s a 3X drop in time taken. That’s 6 hours spent in doing a whole host of other tasks. And as marketers, there is definitely no dearth of tasks that need our attention.


Reduced Effort

Since all permutations were performed by the tool, and all country-specific volumes were included in a single list, we did not have to do the repetitive task of checking it separately for each country.


Better Results 

As it’s a tool doing all the work, we were assured that we would not miss any possible keyword combination. Also, since all data was being pulled from Google, the resultant volumes would always be correct.

So keyword Miner in Irayo makes it very easy for you to create a SEO keyword strategy, with minimal time and effort.


You can take our 30 Free Trial to explore the Keyword Miner, and all our other features, to check if the tool is a great match for you.